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Chengetedzai Depository Company hosted a market wide webinar on Unclaimed shares on the 5th of March 2024 .Unclaimed shares remain topical as significant values of these shares remain unclaimed and are thankfully in the safe custody of Chengetedzai Depository Company Limited.A collaborative effort with SECZim, Investor Protection Fund and Chengetedzai Depository Company Limited saw the sharing of pertinent information during this webinar.How did Unclaimed Shares come to be? How much is held in the Unclaimed share portfolio? Are the dividends from the unclaimed shares reinvested to preserve value?What are the initiatives around tracking the beneficial owners of these shares?All these questions and many more were addressed by industry experts during the enlightening and informative webinar. Watch this space as we share more information.Contact us and we will seamlessly reunite you with your shares!!!



Unpacking Unclaimed Shares in Zimbabwe

Informative and insightful conversations on Unclaimed Shares with Thandiwe Shonhiwa (IPF); Farai Mpofu (SECZim) and Patience Chipara (Chengetedzai Depository Company Limited) during a panel discussion hosted by ZTN Prime – Beat the Market on the 20th of March 2024. Watch video from the Link below:
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Looking To Settle Your Share Proceeds Early?

Chengetedzai Depository Company Offers early settlement facilities. You can get your share sale proceeds as early as T+1

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