Samir Popatlal

Samir Popatlal is a dynamic and creative entrepreneur who believes, seeks out and creates tangible business value from hidden opportunity. He has a unique strategic investment perspective which has propelled him to thrive in economies in developing countries.  He is a seasoned, trendsetting CXO with over 15 years of consulting experience under his belt in the strategic advisory field. Samir holds a master’s degree in business administration (MBA -Distinction) from Middlesex University, London. As a corporate leader, he has been instrumental in harnessing relational value at high level between business and key stakeholders including governments. He has represented multinational companies at regional and international level in both private and public sectors. Focused on people-centrism, he is also a solution driven leader who strives to create a win-win scenario for all stakeholders of the business. His passion for professional development has driven his hunger to consistently challenge himself through tackling diverse and dynamic business complexities. This passion has also seen him rewarded on countless occasions with accolades within the region that he humbly collects as souvenirs of his achievements over the years